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Come with us and tour the TN River as it carves its path through the Cumberland Plateau to form the Gorge, the “Grand Canyon” of the TN River.

Charlie & Karen Jones
Charlie & Karen Jones Click to Read More
Owners Charlie and Karen have lived in the Chattanooga area for 30 years - they live and breathe the beauty of the city of Chattanooga in which they get to call home with their wonderful kids and grandkids.
Natalie Weidner
Natalie Weidner Click to Read More
Director of Programs & Operations Natalie Weidner is the newest member of the Southeastern Adventure Tours’ team. Originally from the heart of Marietta, GA she has been eager to work in and explore the number one outdoor city of Chattanooga, and has since called it her home for the last 5 years.
Matt Schubert
Matt Schubert Click to Read More
Certified River Captain Matt is going to be one of our trusted river captains this season and we are very thrilled to have him join our team! Native to central Florida, Matt considers himself an avid fisherman, outdoorsman, fossil hunter, amateur herpetologist, and would live out on a house boat and fish all day if he ever got the chance.
Mike Card
Mike Card Click to Read More
Certified River Captain Around these parts, Mike is known as our ‘Jack-of-all-traits’. He’s a business owner, handy-man, outdoor enthusiast and activists, and one of our most popular River Captains. Mike has years of experience in, out, and around the water, and is excited for any chance he gets to be out on the river.
John Sharpe
John Sharpe Click to Read More
Director of Marketing & Accounting John graduated in 1989 from The University of the South with a B.A. in Economics. He is an avid rockhounder and outdoor enthusiast.
Al Bridges
Al Bridges Click to Read More
Bus Driver Al has lived in Chattanooga for a while now and cares deeply about the river and surrounding wildlife that thrives in and around the Chattanooga area.