Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Tickets?

Tickets are purchased on-line at our website. Based on the activities offered at the the time you will find our calendars of events and registrations. You can find links to the schedules in our menu or where the site has a "book tour" or "register for camp" button or link.

How Do I Pay For Tickets?

We accept Visa and Mastercard at the Outpost and use PayPal for processing.

What Ages May Go On River Tours?

All tour participants must be able to stand and walk independently.

Will I Get Wet?

The possibility to get wet on the tour does exist.

Do I Need Water, Sunglasses, or Sunscreen?

YES - you will be on the water for 3 hours or more. Life vests and helmets will be provided.

Where Is The Ticketing and Transportation Center?

We are located at 1117 Dayton Blvd. in the Chattanooga suburb of Red Bank.

Do You Take Walk-ons?

If space is available YES, but we recommend purchasing tickets in advance on-line.

Do You Give Discounts?

Military active duty and retired receive a $5 discount off their ticket and a spouse's ticket. Discount will be given at Ticket and Transportation Center after viewing military ID.

Can I Tip The Guide?

Yes, guides are paid per tour, tipping is permitted and encouraged for a job well done.

Is Transportation Provided To Float/Tour Area?

YES - From outpost to launch area and the return trip are all included in the tour price. Sorry, no drop offs allowed at other locations.

How Are Emergencies Handled?

All guides are CPR certified. There is a first aide kit on every raft. If you are taking medication, bring enough for during the 4 hour time period and make sure it is in a waterproof container. Southeastern Adventure Tours has a rescue boat.

Will I Have Cell Phone Service In The Gorge?

Cell phone service in the Tennessee Gorge is NOT dependable.

If I Have To Cancel What Do I Do?

You may cancel your tour reservation 48 hours in advance without a penalty. Less than 48 hours notice will result in total loss of ticket(s) purchase price - NO REFUND!

Enjoy the Tennessee River Gorge on our floating tour.